Wealth Management


At Shaw and Partners, we manage your wealth by identifying opportunities whilst actively managing the inherent risks that come with investing. We work with individuals, families and businesses to provide services and solutions that assist in the preservation, growth and management of your wealth.


Applying expertise

We draw on the considerable expertise within Shaw and Partners and from a wide variety of external sources to develop and implement investing strategies that will meet your individual circumstances and long-term objectives. 


High compliance standards

Our business model mandates high compliance standards and minimises conflicts of interest. Our unrivalled emphasis on honour and integrity underpins our long-lasting partnerships with clients and high levels of client satisfaction.


Wide breadth of services

We offer a complete range of investment solutions and advise across the following asset classes and areas to produce personalised solutions, whatever your stage of life.



The only type of solution worth having is a bespoke one.


Broad Range of Services and Investment Solutions
Wealth Generation Strategies
Investment Structuring
Managed Portfolio Service
Access to Australian and International Markets
Significant Investment Visa
Portfolio Management
Managed Funds
Advice for SMSFs
Exchange Traded Funds
Philanthropic Services
Fixed Interest and Bonds
Portfolio Service
Cash Management
Margin Lending

Tailored to you

We endeavour to assess your personal circumstances to determine the best investment strategy for you. Whether you desire a lesser or greater participation in the management of your portfolio, we implement a rigorous process for all clients that is targeted towards understanding your financial goals (excluding execution only trades).*


We pride ourselves on delivering personalised strategies that target your needs and encapsulate your values.


* Shaw and Partners offers 'personal advice'. Not all clients require this and, depending on the level of service you require, you may receive 'general advice' or 'no advice'




Investment Solutions


Shaw and Partners assists clients with asset selection of a wide range of investments including shares, cash, bonds, fixed interests and managed funds.


Domestic Shares

Shaw and Partners specialises in buying and selling shares for clients in listed companies on local exchanges such as the ASX. All our Advisers have access to the latest information technology systems and research services which allow them to provide you with timely, expert advice.


International Shares

Through our arrangements with international brokers, Shaw and Partners can provide you with access to international shares offering you the opportunity to invest in the world’s biggest companies. Investing in international shares can provide you with greater diversification in your portfolio and give you access to sectors which are poorly represented in the Australian market. 


Cash, Corporate Bonds and Fixed Interest Products 

Cash, corporate bonds and fixed interest products allow investors with a low risk appetite, greater capital security than investing in most shares but generally provide better returns than basic bank savings accounts. Shaw and Partners can provide you with access to a variety of cash products including cash management accounts, term deposits and corporate bonds. 


Managed Funds

Shaw and Partners provides access to a range of managed funds. Investing in managed funds allows you to pool your money with other investors, diversify your portfolio and access a wider range of investment opportunities. Such wider investment opportunities include access to international markets, hedge funds and infrastructure funds.


Risk versus Return graph





We provide tailored investment management services to help clients manage and grow their wealth. 


Shaw and Partners provides a four-tiered approach to portfolio management services.


1. Advisory Service – we advise

If you prefer to take a more active role in the management of your investments and want access to professional advice, you can take advantage of our advisory service.  This allows you to be involved in every decision regarding your portfolio, all of which can be made in conjunction with your Adviser.


2. Portfolio Service – we monitor and administer

Portfolio Service takes the hassle out of investing by providing an all encompassing investment administration service. Shaw and Partners collects and records investment information as well as supplying you with comprehensive quarterly and annual reports. By joining the Portfolio Service you and your Adviser will have the ability to better manage your investment portfolio and make timely decisions when the situation demands. 


3. Managed Portfolio Service – we advise and implement

Managed Portfolio is our premium service and gives you complete peace of mind knowing that our experts will handle the management and administration of your portfolio. Working with you, our investment managers expertly create customised portfolios across all traditional and alternative asset classes. We undertake transactions on your behalf and act promptly to take advantage of shifting market conditions or cautionary actions. In addition, you receive regular performance reporting and online access to your portfolio to track exact investment positions and performance at all times.


4. Shaw Managed Accounts – we manage and administer

With Shaw Managed Accounts, each investor has a separate ‘account’ to which their investments are allocated.  Your account can be constructed by using a range of available investment strategies referred to as Model Portfolios, that can be selected from the investment menu, together with your Shaw and Partners Adviser. Model Portfolios are managed in a disciplined and consistent manner, overseen by a dedicated team of investment professionals with many years of experience in securities markets. 


To find out more about our Portfolio Management Solutions, please arrange an obligation-free, initial consultation today.


We don't dictate to clients. We consult - then act.


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