Research Monitor - June Quarter 2019 Edition Research17 Apr 2019



  • Are Small Companies too expensive: Is there sufficient earnings growth in Small Companies relative to Large Companies to justify the premium?
  • ASX Tech Sector returns like Moore’s Law: The tech and high growth sector has led the rebound in the US and Australia with the average $100m+ market cap tech stock up ~19% since December to March.
  • Can a partially Inverted Yield Curve be a signal of recession? The recent inversion of the three Month Treasury Bill to the US 10 year Treasury Bond was viewed by some analysts as a harbinger for increased impending market volatility.
  • Stock Picks: NAB, SUN, FMG, OZL, CTX, WPL, CMA, LLC, CLX, RVS, AD8, MWY, RHP, Z1P.
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